Custom mobile development

Here at Edgeware Global, we have experts that have built innovative custom mobile apps for enterprises worldwide.

We have a team of qualified developers that use a proactive approach to ensure that you get a digital product that meets your specific needs and requirements. We can also build different types of functionalities for your app.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

If you are in dire need of developing enterprise mobile applications for your business but do not have the right people to do it, let us handle it for you. These applications are crucial to your venture, so you only have to entrust them to the hands that know what they’re doing.

What do we need from you? We need to understand your business goals and know where you’re coming from and where you plan to go. We will walk or run beside you until you have the needed apps and they are up and working while boosting your productivity and success.

We will create mobile app developments to help you scale your output so you can remain competitive in the market.

Mobile App Maintenance

Not only do we develop your mobile app, but we also help with its maintenance and troubleshooting. We offer mobile app maintenance services like providing honest usage statistics, monitoring bugs, ensuring updates for your app, and optimizing the code.

What’s more, we can also help you scale your server infrastructure to meet the growing needs of your customers. We offer temporary support to ensure that your app performs in optimal conditions at all times.

UX/UI App Design

We have what it takes to enhance your mobile app’s look, feel, and functionality. Leveraging our years in the industry, we can design apps with a highly-intuitive interface and a stunning look. We integrate custom features and create new designs based on your requirements. Our interactive and engaging UX/UI designs can help you reduce customer churn and increase conversions.

Native Mobile App Development

Achieve your business goals without spending too much time with our iOS app development services. A custom iOS app will give you a competitive edge in the industry and help grow your business. Our dedicated development teams can provide you with scalable and customized applications for iOS and Android users.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

If you don’t want to choose between platforms, then you can opt for our cross-platform application that lets you share codes across different platforms. You can do all this without sacrificing the performance or functionality of your custom mobile app.

It lets you share a single codebase between different versions, including Android, iOS, and the web. Besides, these mobile apps are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Our Industry Expertise

We have used the best practices and proprietary approach to serve different industries for years.

Enterprises. We offer reliable custom enterprise software development services to aid your large-scale projects.

Retail & eCommerce. Make your e-commerce business and retail profitable thanks to our retail and e-commerce software development services.

Healthcare Providers. Our healthcare software development helps automate internal processes to enhance the customer experience.

Education. Edgeware Global offers education development services for providers seeking an edge in the digital learning environment.

Agriculture. Software development services that meet the goals of agriculture businesses and enable them to make data-driven decisions.

Real Estate. We provide real estate software development to customize the client’s experience and attain greater operational efficiency.

Domains and technologies

We have deep experience creating mobile applications for various areas. Nowadays, Flutter is getting popular because it’s lowering costs for development.

  • E-commerce mobile apps

  • iOS applications

  • Android app development
  • Cross-platform apps
  • Augmented reality

  • Internet of things

  • Healthcare mobile apps

  • Enterprise mobile app

  • Native iOS, Android apps
  • Flutter, React Native

Mobile app development services

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