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Our Key MVP Development Services

Business Analysis

Before creating a new MVP for your business, we first seek to understand your business goals and specific needs. We will talk with you at the time most convenient for you. We will work around your schedule to avoid work disruption.

We will take the time to analyze your product vision to get a comprehensive idea of what you intend to do. This way, we can start coming up with ideas and plans for boosting your business by developing a new MVP.

We also do an in-depth analysis of your business ecosystem, audience, competitors, and investors to mitigate the risks and develop strategic ideas to give you a competitive edge. Consider us your partner, and together, we will help you thrive in this competitive industry you are in. Nothing will make us happier but to see you using our software and benefitting from it.

With this in mind, our MVP app development team will ensure an agile product development that fits your marketing strategy and business plans. Furthermore, insight into what users value will help us develop user-friendly products viable to the end-user.


We know how difficult it can be to develop an idea and make the right decisions. That is why we are willing to collaborate with you in the development process of your vision. By leveraging our expertise and top-notch experience in the industry, we will walk with you every step of the development, from start to finish, to facilitate a fast, cost-effective, and practical idea.


Edgeware Global recommends that our first-time clients use the agile-oriented approach to create an innovative and working product. The agile development approach allows you to make changes to your development.

It is also an excellent way of getting the results quickly, and it is a cost-effective approach to the MVP development process. Our dedicated development team will design the product based on the valuable features of the client and the prototype functionality. We will ensure we will address your company’s concerns and needs.

Launching and Feedback

After designing the product to meet the user’s end, the MVP launching and inviting positive and constructive feedback is the next step.

This is a crucial stage since our MVP development services are based on a data-driven approach. You will learn the functions and features that your users value the most, and we will use this information to set goals and objectives best suited for your business. We will guide you through it all and make sure that you know how to use and gain from the platform.

Ongoing Support

At Edgeware Global, our services do not stop with the launching and feedback. Instead, we offer ongoing support for all our clients to ensure that their projects evolve with the changing trends. Once you hire our full-cycle MVP development services, rest assured that we will always be here. We would like to see your evolution, and we’d like to be part of the process.

Domains and industries

We have been helping startups to create an MVP for more than 10 years in different areas.

  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare Tech

  • Educational Technology (Edtech)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML

  • Delivery Services

  • Security
  • Financial Technology (Fintech)

  • Real Estate Tech

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain Startups

  • Entertainment, Media

MVP development for startups

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