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Why Should You Consider Our Software Team Extension Services?

Quick Hiring

Finding developers equipped with diverse skill sets can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Fortunately, our team extension services make recruiting the right talent fast and hassle-free.

We have a vast pool of highly qualified talents with specific skill sets needed to ensure the efficiency of your workflow. With instant access to trained and highly-skilled developers, you will reinforce your team in no time without any integration issues.

Pre-Screened Developers

The last thing you want is to hire dedicated developers that lack the relevant skills and expertise necessary for your project. All the software developers in our pool are pre-screened based on your requirements, experience, skill, cultural fit, and more. We will give you access to a collection of qualified candidates for easy integration into your company structures and improved productivity.

Long-Term Partnership

We aim to sustain long-term partnerships with our clients during augmentation to ensure that your new developers integrate well into your team, management style, and company culture.

We gave an organized onboarding process that facilitates quick integration of a dedicated software development team in your existing team. That way, the developers will feel like part of the team, and it will be easier for them to attain maximum productivity, giving you value for your money.

High Retention Rate

When team extension specialists join your existing team, they are more likely to stick until the project at hand is completed. This is because they are already in their niche and may not feel the need to switch places or positions. This consistency will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Highly-Flexible Terms

Before starting with staff augmentation, we ensure that we fully understand your needs. What is the required cultural fit for the potential hires? What are your project goals and requirements?

Understanding the vision for your project will help eliminate things that could prevent productivity. We can then customize our terms to adapt to your business needs and add value to your organization.

Steps to Our Staff Augmentation Process

Step 1: Analyze Your Requirements

We take the time to analyze and understand your goals and requirements. We will ask you about your company’s ongoing projects to understand the particular skills and experience you require. We will come up with a detailed job description to make it easier to select the suitable candidates for your tasks at hand.

Step 2: Screening Candidates

Once we fully understand your definition of an ideal candidate, we will screen candidates to assist you in getting the best talents possible. Our qualified recruiters will analyze each candidate to find the right match for your specific needs.

Step 3: Testing the Candidates

We will ask you to design trial tests we will use in pooling your team. You have to come up with tests that will help determine whether the candidates have what it takes to help with your ongoing project. However, we can help you compile unique tests for testing the candidates if you can’t allocate time to design your own.

Step 4: Interviewing the Selected Candidates

After the tests, the next step is to interview the selected candidates to narrow down the list further. You can conduct the interview yourself or hire our expertise to facilitate this process. In most cases, our clients conduct the interview themselves.

Step 5: Client Handover

After the interview, we will hand over the qualified candidates to you.

Step 6: Hiring and Onboarding Your Team

If you accept our leads, they will now go through the final stage of the team extension process. Here, we will hire qualified leads for you. Our team of project managers will help the new candidates become familiar with the project.

We will make it easy for them to integrate with the existing dedicated development team. We will also ensure continuous monitoring of the candidates to ensure improved performance for your company.


If you are looking for expert-level developers in modern programming languages and frameworks, we can help you hire them!

  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Angular JS, React JS
  • Flutter, Dart
  • iOS, Android
  • PHP, Laravel, Yii
  • Java
  • Python
  • Golang
  • DevOps
  • QA Automation

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